Renovent Excellent, very quiet and efficient

Governments want to reduce CO2 emissions and tighten legislation to achieve this and end-users want comfortable and energy-efficient ventilation systems. Brink Climate Systems has responded to both these needs by developing a new generation of MVHR units, the Renovent Excellent.

The reduced internal resistance and backward curved, constant flow fans reduce power consumption and noise levels. The appliance is delivered standard with bypass, but also includes an electrical pre-heater which improves comfort and energy efficiency by maintaining a balanced air flow, even when the outdoor air temperature drops in the winter months.

Our new MVHR unit ‘Renovent Excellent’ (400 m3/h) will be presented at ISH 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany in March. ‘Renovent Excellent’ raises the bar in terms of energy performance and comfort, preempting stricter legislative performance requirements and end-user needs for a healthy, comfortable and sustainable indoor climate. With the Renovent Excellent, Brink Climate Systems has developed a MVHR unit which will meet future legislative requirements, including energy use of maximum 1,200 J/m3.

The Renovent Excellent will be available in The Netherlands from January 2011 and in export markets from mid 2011.

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