Brink demonstrates innovations at ISH 2017

03 February 2017

Novelties in the field of ventilation solutions

In Frankfurt, the Flair 325, successor to the Renovent Excellent, is on display. The heat recovery ventilation appliance is a completely new development. It is not only more efficient, but also quieter, more energy-efficient and smarter in use and installation. The first appliance from the Flair series, with a capacity of 325 m3/h, is shown at the ISH.

Another new development is the Evap air humidifier, a system module for installation in the ventilation duct. The appliance brings the relative humidity of fresh ventilation air in the home to a comfortable level during cold periods.

Another new system module is the Pure induct that removes even the tiniest dust particles from the fresh ventilation air in a cleverly designed ionisation process to ensure even cleaner and healthier indoor air conditions. Just like the Evap, the Pure Induct is installed in the system downstream of the ventilation appliance.

A third new system module is the Air Comfort, an appliance for post-heating or post-cooling the supplied ventilation air for an increased comfort level. The highly compact Air Comfort can be placed directly underneath a ventilation appliance.

In Frankfurt, Brink also presents the earlier announced Air 70, an extremely silent decentral ventilation appliance that does not require a ducts system: fresh outdoor air is carried indoors at a capacity of up to 70 m3/h through a tube in the exterior wall. Simultaneously, the same appliance exhausts the spent indoor air and recovers the thermal energy in the heat exchanger. The Air 70 is the ideal ventilation solution for stand-alone spaces.

Brink also shows an addition to the high-yielding ventilation appliances from the Renovent Sky series at the ISH. The new version has a capacity of 200 m3/h and it is mounted on the ceiling or the wall.

As a specialist in heat recovery ventilation, Brink supplies ventilation systems throughout Europe.
Visit Brink at the ISH: hall 11.1, stand C29.