Press Release: Brink introduces innovations for excellent air at ISH

28 February 2019

Press Release: Brink introduces innovations for excellent air at ISH
Manufacturer tells the story behind excellent air in an innovative way

In the run-up to the international trade fair ISH 2019 in Frankfurt, Brink Climate Systems announces several innovations for pure and healthy air. A new development is the Flair 225, an addition to the successful range of appliances for balanced heat recovery ventilation (HRV). Brink also introduces improved products and tells the story behind excellent air in an impressive brand story and a brand video.

Excellent air
Innovating air is something Brink has been specialising in for decades. It is Brink's passion to make their customers flourish in life by providing them with the most excellent air possible. That is why Brink keeps innovating. With the Frankfurt ISH 2019 rapidly approaching, Brink reveals new additions to its product range. And, on top of that, these products are presented in an innovative way on the basis of a new market approach.

Extensions Flair series
The latest ventilation unit in Brink's successful Flair series is the Flair 225, an even more compact version of the successful Flair 325 and 400.

Its compact size and lower capacity (up to 225 m3/h) make the Flair 225 the perfect choice for ventilating smaller homes. The Flair 225 will be available early 2020.

Independent test institutes confirm the pure air that Brink believes in: the Flair 325 and Flair 400 score excellent ratings in all certifications. Moreover, Plus and Enthalpy versions are added to the range.

The Flair series is the perfect solution for heat recovery ventilation. With an optimal balance between thermal efficiency and energy consumption, the Flair is a high-efficiency ventilation appliance that ensures the right amount of fresh air in any situation.

Flair Silencer
Brink also keeps searching for solutions to related market demands. That resulted in the Flair Silencer, which provides a unique system for even better sound absorption.

This is one of the innovations Brink will present at the upcoming ISH 2019, together with the extensions to the Flair series.

Renewed home products
In addition to the Flair series, Brink presents products at the ISH 2019 that everyone can use to create the most excellent air suited to their wishes. One of these products is the updated Evap, a humidifier that can easily be added to any central heat recovery ventilation systems. The Evap fully automatically improves the humidity balance in the home.

The latest version of the Pure induct will also be on display. This air purifier keeps out air pollutants and introduces clean air through ionisation. Brink presents an improved version of the product which, in addition to a series of new possibilities, will also have a sharper market price.

Discover the unique story of Brink
In an impressive brand story focusing on the end user and with a passion for the industry, Brink tells the complete story behind excellent air in an innovative manner. What is the driving force behind more than 50 years of air innovations? Come and discover the story at the Brink stand during the Frankfurt ISH 2019 from Monday 11 up to and including Friday 15 March 2019 (hall 8.0 - stand A 55).

About Brink Climate Systems
Brink Climate Systems is a specialist in ventilation with heat recovery, heating and cooling. It is Brink's passion to brighten up the lives of people by providing them with excellent air in homes, offices and industrial buildings. Brink's highly innovative solutions are ready for the complex installation challenges of today and prepared for the world of tomorrow. Brink continuously develops and innovates high-end products.

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