Air Comfort

The Air Comfort provides additional heating or cooling to the ventilation ducts at times when the indoor spaces are just a little too cold or too hot. For that purpose, the Air Comfort system fan conveys ventilation air and ambient air through the appliance, where the heat exchanger heats or cools the air.

Air flow rate
The system module takes its heat from for instance the central heating boiler, district heating or a heat pump. Cooling is possible as well. The Air Comfort can heat or cool the ventilation air in order to realise a more comfortable indoor climate. The maximum flow rate is 400 m3/h.

Brink anticipates that the Air Comfort will widely be used for cooling. Since European homes are insulated ever more effectively, comfort in the home no longer requires a lot of heating. The improved insulation may even make it a little too hot indoors. In that case an appliance such as the Air Comfort is the perfect solution because it can reduce the indoor temperature somewhat by introducing additional cool air.
In combination with a ventilation appliance, the Air Comfort can supply heating and cooling as well as fresh ventilation air through one and the same duct. The various operating modes can be set with a 4-way switch.

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