Pure induct

Air pollution is a problem we all have to deal with. Not just in the big cities, but everywhere around the world where there is traffic and industry, fine dust is released. The Pure induct by Brink is a solution that reliably keeps air pollution outside while still allowing adequate ventilation.

Pure induct selling points
  • A clean and healthy indoor climate
  • Low air resistance leads to low energy consumption
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Perfectly safe
  • More effective than HEPA filters

Clean air in your home
The Pure induct system module is mounted in the duct that transports fresh outdoor air from the ventilation appliance to the living spaces. All particles present in the air, harmful dust, ultrafine and fine dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen and fungi, are all caught by the collectors. That means all pollutants are removed from the air to make it cleaner and better for your health.

Because of country-specific rules and regulations, version and availability of a product may differ for each country. Therefore, please contact our office or partner in your country for more information.