Multi Air Supply System

The Multi Air Supply system is based on a central balanced heat recovery system (HRV), a Flair or Renovent. The HRV brings fresh, healthy air in the home and discharges stale air to the outside.
A special feature is that the fresh air is freely blown into the central hall, landing or stairwell. So no need for supply ducts, wich is a great advantage. And a compact, CO2-controlled Indoor Mixfan in each habitable room removes the ‘stale’ air from the room to the stairwell. Fresh air from the stairwell enters the room through the gap underneath the door. 

Applicable in existing buildings ànd new projects
In an existing home the Multi Air Supply system can easily be installed in no time. The HRV unit replaces the mechanical extraction box, if any. The exhaust ducts of this extraction system can be reused. That way, an existing dwelling is easily upgraded with a low energy HRV system.
The system is also excellently suitable for new projects with certificate of equivalence. Dependent on the property layout, it may be installed with or without supply ducts. If it is possible to do without the supply ducts, constructional savings are possible. Major benefits for the occupants with minor modifications in the dwelling.

Multi Air Supply - the advantages at a glance:
  • Easily applicable in existing homes and new projects
  • Central HRV without supply ducts
  • Savings on construction costs
  • Active CO2 control for optimum air quality
  • Air supply through stairwell and by smart Indoor Mixfan for every habitable room
  • TNO air quality certificate available

Because of country-specific rules and regulations, version and availability of a product may differ for each country. Therefore, please contact our office or partner in your country for more information.