Brink is well represented internationally with own offices in the NetherlandsGermany and France. In addition, we cooperate with 20 different partners in the European Union (EU) and Eastern Europe. 

Every country has its peculiarities. That requires unique service and support by experts. Together with the Brink Knowledge Centre for Residential Ventilation, the Export Department offers that to our partners through counselling and training. That helps the partners to transfer their knowledge about the Brink products to their own market parties in an expert manner. 

In countries where we have no own office, we cooperate with partners.

Country Partners
AT Austria Gumplmayr GmbH
AU Australia Plus Energy Living
BE Belgium Cairox Belgium NV
BE Belgium Thermad Brink Luchtverwarming bvba
CH Switzerland Climair GmbH
CZ Czech Republic ŠTORC TZB s.r.o
DE Germany Brink Climate Systems Deutschland GmbH
DK Denmark Air2Trust ApS
EE Estonia UAB TENKO Baltic
FR France Brink Climate Systems France SAS
GB United Kingdom CVC Direct Ltd
HU Hungary Cairox Hungary Kft.
IE Northern Ireland Ian A. Kernohan Ltd.
IT Italy Airplast s.r.l.
LT Lithuania UAB TENKO Baltic
LV Latvia UAB TENKO Baltic
NL the Netherlands Brink Climate Systems B.V.
NZ New Zealand Condensation Control Ltd
PL Polen SIG Air Handling Poland Sp. z o.o.
PT Portugal Climaconforto 
RU Russian Federation Blizzard Lufttechnik
SI Slovenia REMTY-R d.o.o.
SK Slowakia Smartsun s.r.o.
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