Software Brink Service tool

The Brink Service Tool consists of two different software units. The first download button is for installation of the service cable. This cable connects the appliance with the laptop.

Press the second download button to download the matching service software. This software allows you to easily read out the appliances. When connected with the internet, this software will automatically check for updates. If your laptop should not regularly be connected to the internet, you can enter your e-mail address for downloading. Then you will receive an e-mail message when a new software version is available.

If you get an error message after installing the software and starting it for the first time, the problem may be that the eBus connector driver is not or not completely installed. If the driver has not yet been installed, then install it. To complete the driver installation process after installation, you must connect the eBus connector to the PC. Windows will recognise the connecter and finish the installation.
Step 1: Download service cable software
Download installation FTDI driver (or eBus driver)

Step 2: Download Service Software