About Brink Climate Systems

Brink Climate Systems B.V. is a Dutch manufacturer delivering climate solutions to enhance the ambiance of homes and small utility buildings.
The applications of Brink Climate Systems can be found anywhere, in:
  • homes
  • bungalows
  • office buildings
  • health centres
  • schools
Market leader and one-stop-shop
We were the first manufacturer in the Netherlands to bring self-developed air-heating systems to market. Our advanced technology is revolutionary even by the standards of the United States and Canada. These, of course, were two countries in the vanguard of the concept of air heating.

Over the last few years, Brink Climate Systems has grown into the market leader in the field of balanced ventilation with heat recovery and become an internationally-recognized trend setter in the field of residential ventilation. In addition, we are a supplier of high-quality residential climate solutions and we supply systems delivering solar-heated tap-water and heating to houses. Last but not least, Brink Climate Systems is a recognized international specialist in the field of climate solutions for very energy-efficient ‘passive houses’.
Air 70.

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