Passive House Appliance

Brink Climate Systems offers an integrated solution for heating, high-efficiency ventilation and hot water supply for dwellings that comply with the passive house standard. A solar collector is used to generate heat which is stored in a hot water tank. The tank supplies hot tap water and feeds the postheater downstream of the Renovent HR heat recovery unit. The ventilation air then heats the dwelling. If the sun does not give sufficient heat, a burner-exchanger combination with HR 107 efficiency keeps the tank at the right temperature.

What is the Passive House Appliance? 
The Passive House Appliance by Brink Climate Systems is an appliance in which various functions such as heating, ventilating and preparing hot tap water have been combined in one compact appliance. The unique control system and the components housed in one casing reduce the risk of installation errors and safeguard a maximum result. The Passive House Appliance is a giant leap forwards towards energy-neutral dwellings.

The principle
Brink Climate Systems developed two Passive House Appliances. Both versions of the Passive House Appliance use a solar thermal collector to generate heat and to store it in a solar water heater. That is the heart of the system. The solar water heater supplies hot tap water, but also hot water for postheating the fresh ventilation air. That makes it possible to heat dwellings with very low transmission losses (known as passive houses, maximum power 3.5 kW) using the Passive House Appliance that also supplies a maximum power of 3.5 kW. This appliance (up to 3.5 kW) can heat using only postheated ventilation air, or using a combination of heating with ventilation air and for instance one additional (convector) radiator. A third option is the use of just (convector) radiators and a minimum supply temperature of the ventilation air.

For dwellings with higher transmission losses, Brink Climate Systems developed a second appliance with a maximum power of 10 kW. The difference between the two appliances is that the 10 kW appliance has additional power available, for instance for radiators. The dwelling can also be heated using the fresh ventilation air.

Application of balanced ventilation with heat recovery (Renovent HR) ensures that almost all heat is recovered. The Renovent HR delivers considerable energy savings up to no less than 95% compared to a traditional ventilation system. Use of solar thermal collectors may result in energy savings of up to 60% for hot tap water. In addition, considerable savings on space heating can be realised.

The annual energy demand of a Passive House does not exceed 15 kWh per m2. This means roughly 1.5 m3 of gas per m2 user area. In other words, about two 100 Watt light bulbs could heat a room of 20 m2 and a hairdryer would suffice to heat a Passive House of 100 m2.


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