Media Report 28 May 2014 - Brink Climate Systems moves

28 mai 2014

Unprecedented operation for huge business

STAPHORST - Brink Climate Systems, the Staphorst multinational, is performing a giant move. This whole week is dedicated to moving the production facilities to the brand-new site at Wethouder Wassebaliestraat on the industrial estate De Esch III Staphorst.

The Research and Development Department will follow in a few weeks, and in the second week of July it will be the turn of the offices. It is a giant operation for one of the largest companies in Staphorst - relocating no less than 93 huge machines.

Brink manufactures and supplies indoor climate solutions for homes and non-residential buildings. The company employs 160 people. During recent years, the Brink activities were divided over three sites at De Baarge in Staphorst. One of those already has a new occupant. The progress of the construction project, at costs of well over 14 million euros, could be witnessed by half the Dutch people. The building was erected at a prominent place along the A28. By now the exterior wall boasts the Brink logo, accompanied by the elegant words ‘Air for Life’.

High racks in the new Brink warehouse

The new, 14,500 square metres home is extremely cost efficient and highly sustainable. On 10 July last year, managing director Johan van Renselaar and Staphorst mayor Joop Alssema kicked off the project. Design and construction have completely been contracted out to building company Nieuwenhuis of Rijssen. Construction progressed as planned, according to managing director Van Renselaar. Moving the production facilities from industrial estate De Baarge to the new spot is an enormous, almost military operation. Everything must be ready by 31 May and then, if all goes well, the production process will continue without a hitch. ‘Staphorst is in turmoil’, says managing director Van Renselaar.

Brink remains on Staphorst soil. ‘Of course we have looked beyond this municipality. But a company that is so firmly rooted here, that has been built into what it is today by so many people from the village and the direct vicinity, and that is given a generous opportunity by the municipality to move to such a prominent building site, should in fact not even want to leave this community. Staphorst and Brink belong together’, says managing director Van Renselaar.
‘The fact that we are investing so much money in these times of crisis, indicates that Brink Climate Systems has confidence in the future. Particularly in Europe, demand for the solutions by Brink Climate Systems remains as great as ever.’

The new building is set up as what is called an Air Experience Center. Here the customers can experience how clean air, comfort and sustainability go hand-in-hand.