Expert: Adriaan Cramer

Functie: Director Creativity & Product Management
Expertise: Innovation and product management
Tel. (0522) 46 99 44


Innovating air: the best is yet to come

Door: Adriaan Cramer.
Progress and innovation are changing the world we know. I believe that innovation is a good thing. It makes our lives more convenient, healthier and better. That’s exactly how we envision innovation: solutions to make you flourish in life. But we stay realistic. We cannot innovate the whole world, so therefore we focus on what we believe is the most important element in our life: Air.

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Air Quality: what do we do with that?

Door: Adriaan Cramer
The World Health Organisation recently published a new report with an assessment of the air quality around us. Their message is that 92% of all human beings breath dirty air.That means that people from practically all over the world and in all parts of the society live under bad circumstances. The result is that every year more than six million die from air population related diseases. But what do we do with that?

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