"Our dream is to make you flourish in life
by providing you with
the most excellent air possible.
Day in, day out."


our dream

excellent indoor air available to everyone

We eat, sleep and work. And we breathe. More than 25,000 (!) times a day.
Healthy indoor air has a positive influence on our daily live. It improves our health,
makes us happier, gives us more energy and can even extend our life expectancy.
Unfortunately, the air that we breathe is not always the air that we need.

It is our dream to change that. To make excellent indoor air accessible to everyone.
Day in, day out.
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breathe your life better with excellent air

Breathing healthy air is essential, it greatly influences the quality of our daily life.

We at Brink are taking it one step further. We offer you excellent air, to make your life a little nicer.


25,000 breaths 25,000 opportunities to make a difference

To us, those 25,000 breaths a day mean 25,000 opportunities to make the difference.

We at Brink think everyone deserves the joy of healthy air at home. Home should be a place where you feel comfortable, where you can catch your breath.

Realising our dream is something we can do together. With some 200 colleagues, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with top quality climate solutions.

We use our expertise and many years of experience to develop top-quality climate solutions. Combined with a constant focus on innovation and sustainability.

excellent air

our journey to excellent air

We at Brink are innovating air on a daily basis.
Our innovative strength is great.

We develop our climate solutions with an important driver in mind: creating excellent air to make a difference in your life.

Experience our journey to excellent air here.

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iso certification

ensuring quality and Sustainability

As we want to provide our end users with an excellent indoor climate, we focus on high quality of our products and services every day. Next to quality, the environment is also an important aspect. We want to contribute to a more sustainable world and our environmental management system meets the applicable requirements.

Quality standard ISO 9001
In order to guarantee quality, we have a quality management system that complies with the international quality standard ISO 9001. Brink uses this standard to meet the customer's requirements. In addition, the standard states that we must comply with the laws and regulations imposed on the product.

In addition to the ISO 9001 certificate, Brink is a stakeholder in the EVIA (European Ventilation Industry Association), which was established in 2010. EVIA is a partnership of European ventilation manufacturers and interest groups. By means of energy-saving ventilation solutions, Evia wants to achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in European houses.

Brink's environmental management system meets the requirements set in ISO 14001 and we have obtained the certificate for this. With an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, Brink's environmental risks are reduced as much as possible.

The certification was carried out by Bureau Veritas.


ISO 9001 - Certificate

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Sustainability (EMS)

ISO 14001 - Certificate

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indoor air experts since decades

In 1903, Brink started as a small ironworks in Assen. More than 50 years later, in 1958, Brink moved to the conveniently located village of Staphorst and started focusing on the production of towing hooks. Subsequently, in 1964, Brink Towing Hooks was expanded with an air heating branch: Brink Air heating.

The great innovative power of the Brink organisation became evident when, in the early eighties, Brink developed the first Heat Recovery Ventilation unit (HRV). This innovation went into production and was successfully marketed in 1982.

But Brink's entrepreneurial stamina appeared to go beyond towing hooks and air treatment. Production and marketing of office furniture were started in 1989 under the name Brink Office Furniture.

In 1996, Brink sold the Towing Hooks division to an American Holding. In 1998, Brink Holding acquired a share in NedAir and it took over Artola in Hoogeveen, now Brink Industrial, in 1999.

In 2002, Brink Air Heating became part of German Centrotec Sustainable AG and was renamed Brink Climate Systems. Other companies, such as Ned Air and Enev-Air also became part of Centrotec AG (now SE).

In the ensuing years, Brink Climate Systems took over Ventilation Specialist Innosource (2005) and in 2010 it established subsidiary Brink Climate Systems Ireland Ltd. which later was incorporated into Ubbink Ireland.

In 2012, Brink's sister companies Brink Climate Systems Deutschland GmbH and Brink Climate Systems France SAS were founded and added to the Centrotec Group.

Holmak HeatX was added to the Centrotec Group in 2013.

In 2014, Brink Climate Systems moved to its beautiful new premises at a perfectly accessible high-profile site on the A28 in Staphorst.            

Brink Climate Systems pand