Ventilation - general
I have a balanced ventilation system. Can I also open a window? sort arrow

Yes, feel free to open a window any time. But it is not necessary for a properly ventilated home. If it is very hot in summer, it may be pleasant to ventilate additionally. If you open the windows when it is much colder outside than the preferred temperature, it will of course cost extra energy. After all, the cold outdoor air then has to be heated when it is not possible to use HRV.

Why is it so hot in my home in summer? sort arrow

Newly built homes are excellently insulated homes. This was done to keep the energy losses as low as possible in winter. One of the goals of our society is to minimise global energy losses. Consequence is, that heat that accumulates in your home in summer, is also difficult to get out again. This can be solved by opening opposite windows for a while late in the evening or early in the morning, referred to as flushing.

Will the installation be disturbed by a powered cooker hood? sort arrow

It is not permitted to connect a powered cooker hood to the ventilation system. When a powered cooker hood has its own exhaust to outside, the installation remains undisturbed and the energy savings stay the same. You can turn on the cooker hood as usual, but be sure to open a window. Then sufficient fresh outdoor air is supplied again.

Is the suction insufficient if the mirrors are still fogged up after showering? sort arrow

When you use the shower, your bathroom becomes extremely humid. The extraction ensures that very quickly this moisture is carried off by the extraction system. We recommend to put the switch at the highest setting while showering.

Is it true that balanced ventilation bad is for my health? sort arrow

No, this is not true. There are plenty of examples and measurements indicating that balanced ventilation contributes to a good health. However, recent research shows that there is a relationship between bad - inadequate - ventilation and health. It is important that a balanced ventilation system is installed and used properly.
It is the user's responsibility to keep the filters properly clean. If you have any questions that are not answered below, then please use the form to submit your question to us.

Ventilation - installation
Can I change the diffuser settings? sort arrow

The installer has fully tuned in the installation to ensure adequate ventilation in the various living spaces. Of course that includes setting the valves. It is important that the setting remains unchanged. The valves may be cleaned, but do ensure that the setting stays unchanged. To make it easier to avoid changing the setting when cleaning, the current setting can be marked with a waterproof marker/pen.

Heat recovery ventilatie (HRV)
Why is heat recovery (HRV) used so widely these days? sort arrow

Because newly built homes are highly insulated, radiators are switched on less often. When cold outdoor air is directly supplied through the grilles, the radiator no longer heats it up quickly. This often leads to comfort problems such as draughts. In winter, the supply air in an HRV system is preheated.

What are the savings with an HRV unit? sort arrow

The savings also depend on how you use the heat recovery system. At an average use, you save at least 300 m3 of natural gas (€ 160.00) on an annual basis, without affecting the ventilation in your home.

Heat pump
How do Brink's solutions combine with a heat pump? sort arrow

A heat pump is a sustainable solution for heating and cooling of the home by means of an outdoor unit. There are several options for connecting a heat pump to an existing air heating system. Brink offers several solutions here.

First of all, it is important that the home is insulated adequately. Then several types of heat pump systems are available for that purpose, such as: air/air, air/water, heat/cold source (deep well) or water/water (horizontal heat pump). With the exception of a hybrid solution, all these solutions are gas-free and only use electricity. Purchase costs as well as operating costs vary per solution. The domestic hot water supply and the delivery system are items to consider when choosing a heat pump. To serve an average household, most heat pumps deliver water of a too low temperature, or compromises are made in efficiency.

More information about Brink's solutions combined with a heat pump at home? Do not hesitate to contact us.

How does the bypass work? sort arrow

The bypass ensures that in summer the fresh outdoor supply air is not heated additionally. During the day, the outdoor air will be cooled a little by the cooler indoor air. If the outdoor air is cooler than the indoor air, a bypass will be activated and the air, after being filtered, is supplied as fresh air to your home. The bypass makes the home warm up less in summer.

How do I know if my Renovent or Flair unit has a bypass? sort arrow

If your Renovent HR is equipped with a bypass unit, your appliance in fact has two sections, the appliance itself and a section of about 10 cm in front of it. The Renovent Excellent and the Flair come with a standard bypass.