catch your breath in a cool home

A summer with temperatures above 30 degrees has been the rule rather than the exception in recent years.
When outdoor temperatures reach tropical values, coming home to a cool atmosphere is a blessing.

Fortunately, we have the solution to make you feel energetic and to let you enjoy excellent indoor air, even during hot summers.
Because the combination of air heating and (top) cooling will create a pleasant coolness in the home. This is not only comfortable, but also easy to implement and energy-efficient.


why cooling with air heating?

Cooling by extending top cooling to the air heating system has a number of major advantages:

  • the entire home is cooled as desired with one system
  • the air is blown into the space and adequately distributed  through existing grilles
  • no sense of draught
  • no unsightly AC unit on wall or ceiling
  • no dry air, only an  agreeable relative humidity
option A

Allure with top cooling

The Allure air heater can be extended with a heat pump. At outdoor air temperatures higher than 5 °C, the system works as an electric heat pump, at temperatures below 5 °C works the Allure runs on gas.

This combines the energy efficiency of a heat pump with the rapid response of air heating. The system features a cooling block on the Allure, an outdoor unit and an outdoor temperature sensor.

option B

Elan with Top Cooling

The Elan air heaters can quickly and easily be extended with top cooling. This can be done with a heat pump chiller or a DX heat pump.

In both cases, the top cooling control system is integrated in the Elan. Take full control with the Brink clock thermostat.

tropical tips

do's and don'ts at tropical temperatures

  • stay indoors between 12.00 and 16.00 hour or find a place in the shade
  • limit physical effort in the afternoon
  • drink sufficient water, tea or coffee
  • take a bottle of water along on the road
  • be moderate with alcohol
  • take a refreshing bath, foot bath or shower
  • use sun screens to keep out the sun and the heat

Source: RIVM
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