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The Brink connectivity gadgets enable you remotely control all our solutions or to automatically ensure excellent air in your home. Put the thermostat a degree higher without leaving the couch and let the CO2 sensor regulate the ventilation.

Think voice-control, machine learning and geolocation technology. Whatever the standard is going to be, we will keep innovating and being prepared for the future.


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for home or professional

brink home module & app

Brink Home makes it possible to control and read out the ventilation system, Flair or Renovent, anywhere in the world from a smart phone or PC.

The system includes the Brink Home Module and the Brink Home App, linked to the Renovent or Flair ventilation solution, optionally equipped with the Air Control module.

De Brink home app is beschikbaar in:


What can I do with Brink Home?

  • Choose the desired ventilation mode (away, at home, cooking/showering)
  • Program the ventilation settings with the optional control module Air Control
  • Gain insight into the CO2 percentage at home
  • Increased ventilation initiated by the humidity (RH) sensor
  • Choose in what zone or zones the 2-zone demand flow is active
  • Choose between active or inactive bypass
  • Get a message when filters need to be replaced
  • Be quickly alerted about any fault
for Professionals

for Modbus Brink Connect

Brink Connect allows you to link all units from the series Flair, Renovent Excellent and Sky as well as the Air 70 to building management systems based on the Modbus protocol.

The Modbus module allows you to read out and/or adjust various parameters. Brink Connect makes it possible to manage ventilation appliances this way from one central location.

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for professionals

solutions from partners

Brink appliances can be connected to the smart connectivity solutions from partners.

Connecting to these systems will make it possible to manage maintenance and use of the entire central heating and electrical installation.

BeNext is the ultimate specialist for monitoring and analysing energy use in dwellings.

Brink Connectiviteit met BeNext

We are leading in making social and other housing more sustainable, in facilitating decentralised energy supply and 'gasless' living. Our solutions are offered as a service and, in combination with data analysis and Smart Home services, these ensure aware, sustainable, safe and comfortable living for residents.

Flexicontrol specialises in building-related solutions and systems.

We also connect Brink ventilation systems to other subsystems such as heating, cooling, lighting, energy monitoring, and access control with our highly flexible products. This is not only advantageous but also very convenient. We do this for homes, businesses, schools, sports clubs, and other buildings.

SWYCS offers an IoT infrastructure with a multiprotocol and generic design.


Virtually all building-related installations and smart devices are connected, monitored and serviced. That easily creates a smart environment where concepts such as NoM and PoM monitoring, EPV reporting, predictive maintenance, Smart Homes, Smart Cities and AT Home Longer can be realised in no time.

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