New products and concepts by Brink Climate Systems at ISH 2011

25 January 2011

At ISH Frankfurt 2011 (15 - 19 March), Brink Climate Systems, market leader in the field of balanced ventilation with heat recovery, will present the latest developments in the field of balanced ventilation with heat recovery and the Passive House concept (standnumber 11.0 B11).

Renovent Excellent, silent and low-energy
In January 2011, Brink Climate Systems marketed the completely new Renovent Excellent for home ventilation. The greatly reduced internal resistance and application of low rpm fans give this appliance a very low noise level. The auxiliary energy consumption is reduced by application of a switched power supply, the reduced internal resistance and the back-bent fan vanes. As a unique feature, Brink Climate Systems managed to combine this fan type with the widely appreciated, patented ‘Constant Flow’ principle. The appliance comes as standard with a 100% bypass and an electric preheater. The electric preheater guarantees adequate ventilation at low outdoor temperatures.

Passive House Appliance, the 3-in-1 solution for heating, ventilating and domestic hot water supply
For passive houses and dwellings with a low energy demand for heating, Brink Climate Systems offers a total solution for sustainable
heating, high-efficiency ventilating and domestic hot water supply. The ventilation air heats the dwelling. A solar thermal collector
heats a storage vessel for hot water and postheating of the ventilation air.

Balanced ventilation without ducts
Brink Climate Systems introduced the Advance for a guaranteed healthy indoor climate and energy savings. The Advance is a distributed ventilation unit with heat recovery for application in separate habitable rooms. In this concept, the ventilation unit is mounted on the exterior wall side in one habitable room such as a living room or office and the ventilation air is supplied and discharged through the exterior wall. The system automatically controls the correct ventilation rate on the basis of the current indoor climate. Unnecessary ventilation is avoided and that saves energy. This concept is highly suitable for existing buildings.

Brink Air Excellent System
Brink Climate Systems developed a completely new synthetic air distribution system for balanced ventilation with heat recovery, the Brink Air Excellent System. This modular system is composed of a synthetic duct, various accessories and a manifold.