Air Excellent System

11 April 2012

In the field of home ventilation Brink Climate Systems has expanded its line of extremely flat ventilation ducts with the introduction of the Air Excellent System 60 x 130 mm. The Air Excellent System 60 x 130 mm is often used in homes and commercial property demanding large volumes of air. The most significant advantage of the Air Excellent System is its installation clearance. The system offers both the draughtsman and builder sizeable financial benefits on installation, labour and materials.

In many countries, ventilation ducts are cast in structural concrete or hidden in the cavity walls. Brink Climate Systems exhibited the Air Excellent System 60 x 130 mm at trade fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Italy. The response it received was very positive. The first orders have already been delivered and are currently being installed in homes in France and Belgium, among other countries. With the expansion of the Air Excellent System line, Brink Climate Systems has once more demonstrated its innate sense of what customers want in terms of product style and quality together with knowledge of products and the market.

If you want to learn more about the Air Excellent System, please contact your Account Manager.