New building Brink Climate Systems reaches the top

13 December 2013

Sustainable building with comfortable indoor climate symbolises company philosophy

12 December - Brink Climate Systems with its customers and employees together celebrated the reaching of the new building's highest point. When Brink moves to the Air Experience Center in the middle of next year, not only the staff will be snug and warm; visitors too, can experience in every possible way what a really comfortable indoor climate feels like.

With global markets growing, Brink Climate Systems will occupy its new company building in 2014. The new building now under construction will combine all activities that are currently divided over three separate sites.

Distinctly sustainable
General Manager Johan van Renselaar of Brink Climate Systems is excited that his company will soon be moving into the new building: “Of course it is equipped with our own products, the latest in air heating and ventilation solutions. We are doing everything to work comfortably and sustainably. The manufacturing hall even has underfloor heating, which is far from standard in manufacturing facilities. In addition, we have installed a geoexchange system. We have also reinforced the roof to make it suitable for installing solar panels in future.”
At the entrance you will notice an enormous green wall that radiates a feeling of sustainability. That really fits in with Brink Climate Systems' philosophy, Van Renselaar thinks: “We specialise in cooling and heating and this new building proofs that we really care about sustainability. The outside of the building is clad in sustainably produced larch timber and we also have charging stations for electric cars and bicycles.”

The GPR score (Green Performance Real estate) of the new building is higher than 7.5, which gives Brink a qualification of ‘distinctly sustainable’. At the same time, the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) of the offices is about 0.75, while the Building Decree aims at a score of 1.1.

Air Experience Center
The new building is set up as what is called an Air Experience Center. Here the customers can experience how clean air and sustainability go hand-in-hand. That is why customers are more than welcome to visit the new Air Experience Center. Van Renselaar: “We are building this centre also for our customers. That enables them to have a look, if they want together with their own customers, to find out how our solutions influence their home comfort. In addition, for our visitors we organise guided tours of the manufacturing hall where they can see how we develop and produce our products in-house. They can do some hands-on experiments in the showroom; how does a bypass valve really work and how fast does air heating respond? Own experience, that's what it's all about. The door is always open to visitors, so we can disseminate our knowledge and make people acquainted with our products. We believe in a comfortable home environment for everybody.”