New logo and new vision Brink Climate Systems

25 February 2014

After months of preparation, Brink Climate Systems introduced its new logo and corporate identity. The logo is now clear and simple: Brink. “But there's more to it”, says financial director Anton Hans, “With our new logo, we are adding an intriguing payoff to all our communications, that is ‘Air for Life’.” That addition represents a new vision of Brink Climate Systems for the market in which it operates, that is the world of heating, ventilating and cooling in dwellings and small non-residential buildings.

Brochures, business cards and stationery will soon be rolling from the printing presses and, moreover, this week the final version of Brinks new website was launched. That gave the new Brink a clear identity. Hans: "These are always time-consuming operations, but this time it is not just a matter of a new logo. With our new, much more consumer-oriented vision we want to make a statement in the market.” Wim Hijmissen, commercial managing director, internally joint responsible for this major shift in market approach, adds: “Air is not only vital for people, but it is also in the focus of our product range. We bring air heating with fresh enthusiasm, but we also pay much more attention to consumers because we think they are still not sufficiently familiar with this type of comfort in their homes. We will let consumers experience and feel that comfort in a variety of ways.”

Air Experience Center
One of the places where this year consumers can experience the comfort of air heating, is the Brink premises that is now being erected along the A28 near Staphorst. They can find out for themselves throughout the building how comfort, clean air and sustainability combine perfectly. They can do some hands-on experiments in the showroom; how does a bypass valve really work and how fast does air heating respond? Hands-on experience, that is what it is all about. In addition, guided tours will lead visitors through the production hall where they can see how the products are developed and produced in-house. Hijmissen: “We invite everybody to our Air Experience Center to experience the comfort for themselves.”