Press release Air 70

16 February 2015

Brink introduces new compact decentralised ventilation appliance at ISH 2015
Air 70 for optimum ventilation performance

When you are renovating and insulating your home, you need to get it right the first time. Brink Climate Systems have developed the Air 70 to help you do this. Silent and highly efficient, it can be discretely incorporated in an exterior wall. This newly designed, decentralised appliance for heat recovery ventilation will be on display for the first time at the ISH 2015 Exhibition in Frankfurt.

The Air 70 caters for all the ventilation requirements of a single room in one system. It’s patented technology makes it a highly energy-efficient appliance. The fresh supply air is fed through the built-in heat exchanger where it is preheated by the 'stale' warm air that is extracted from the room. This results in generous ventilation with hardly any heat losses.

      Air 70 hood, side view
Silent and without a duct system
Of course, comfort is highly important in residential buildings. Since the Air 70 does not require a duct system, it is easily incorporated in an exterior wall. This makes the appliance particularly suitable for apartments or dwellings where installation of an extensive duct system is a problem. Or for that one special room (nursery, hobby room, office) which has no provision for proper ventilation. Only the hood with its modern and unobtrusive design protrudes from the wall. In addition, the Air 70 is remarkably quiet while operating at full power making it suitable for any room.

Small size, great power
These characteristics make this new appliance the most compact decentralised ventilation appliance on the market. Its capacity is considerable: 70 m3 per hour, while the diameter of the exterior wall duct is only 250 mm. An additional feature of the Air 70 is that is very easy to install and operate.

Fresh air is vital
A completely sealed room is the most energy-efficient solution as no heat can escape from it at all, but that also means that it does not allow any fresh air into the room. Fresh air is not only comfortable and desirable, it is also crucial to your health. However, opening a window will result in the loss of valuable energy. Consequently, decentralised ventilation is vital to a well insulated, airtight house. Maintenance is simple:  the filters of the Air 70 can easily be replaced.

Cool in summer
A unique feature of this ventilation appliance is the option to completely bypass the heat exchanger. This is a bonus on a hot summer night when the air outside is cooler than the air inside a house. So there is no need to open a window to let in the cool air as the 100% bypass will be activated automatically. This not only keeps out noise, but also dust and insects.

The selling points of the Air 70 at a glance
•    Fresh air even in the smallest rooms
•    No separate duct system required
•    Easy to install
•    Heat recovery ensures maximum energy efficiency
•    Silent
•    Blends in beautifully with the interior
•    User-friendly maintenance
•    100% bypass

Introduction at ISH

If you want to know more about the Air 70, then do come to the ISH Frankfurt, from 10 to 14 March 2015 inclusive, where we will be glad to welcome you at the Brink stand (hall 11.1, stand C29). It will be demonstrated and the designers of the appliance will be there to answer all your questions.

About Brink
Brink Climate Systems supplies heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water supply systems for homes and small non-residential buildings. Brink has developed the Air 70 in cooperation with heat exchanger specialists Holmak.
The Air 70 will be first introduced on the German market mid-2015.