FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about ventilation and COVID-19

31 august 2020

Lately, due to COVID-19 there has been much attention for ventilation. Many different studies have now been published about airborne spread of the virus. Partly because of these recent insights, the ventilation guidelines are being updated regularly. Yet that leaves the recommendation unchanged to ventilate as much as possible and to supply the maximum flow of fresh air to recirculation systems. Recirculation means that the exhaust air is reused rather than carried off outdoors.

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Brink is taking extra steps to constrain and prevent further spread of the Corona virus

23 march 2020

In the past few days, day-to-day life for everyone in the Netherlands has changed completely. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), children are no longer going to school or the crèche, people are being asked to work at home and the advice is to avoid social contact.

The consequences of this can be felt at Brink, too. Health has a very important role to play in our vision of what top-quality air should be. Our products, solutions and services are fully focused on this. The importance of health to everyone cannot be emphasised enough at this very uncertain time. For that reason, we are taking extra steps to constrain and prevent further spread of this terrible virus.

Apart from the instructions and guidelines of the government and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM) additional guidelines are in force at Brink:

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