Brink is taking extra steps to constrain and prevent further spread of the Corona virus

23 March 2020

The following measures apply to all of Brink's offices, our production facility and projects until further notice:

  • Those who can work from home must do so. Telephone calls will be forwarded to the appropriate person, so you will be inconvenienced as little as possible in terms of the accessibility of the services you are used to receiving from us.
  • We will not be shaking hands, and will be keeping an appropriate distance (of at least 2 metres) where we have personal contact.
  • We will be keeping appointments outside our offices to a minimum and will try to communicate by remote means (telephone, video or e-mail).
  • We will not be visiting any trade fairs, conferences or seminars etc.
  • We will not be taking part in internal/external meetings or other gatherings involving more than four people.
  • Drivers may no longer enter the premises.
We trust that, with our combined efforts, we will be able to combat the further spread of the virus, and safeguard our services and fruitful collaboration with our business contacts and other partners. We expect our colleagues and third parties to observe these guidelines. We hope that everyone will soon be able to freely enjoy life as a result of all the measures taken throughout the world, and that we at Brink can make a contribution to that by fulfilling our dream; making everyone's life a little better by providing them with the highest quality air in their home.