Air Excellent System

11 april 2012

In the field of home ventilation Brink Climate Systems has expanded its line of extremely flat ventilation ducts with the introduction of the Air Excellent System 60 x 130 mm.

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Brink Climate Systems receives 'Passive House Certificate' at ISH

15 march 2011

On Tuesday 15 March, at the Frankfurt ISH, Brink Climate Systems received the Passive House Certificate for one of its appliances, the Renovent HR Large.

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New products and concepts by Brink Climate Systems at ISH 2011

25 january 2011

t ISH Frankfurt 2011 (15 - 19 March), Brink Climate Systems, market leader in the field of balanced ventilation with heat recovery, will present the latest developments in the field of balanced ventilation with heat recovery and the Passive House concept (standnumber 11.0 B11).

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Renovent Excellent

02 december 2010

Our product development team is working on a new generation of MVHR units called Renovent Excellent.

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Advance retrofitted into a listed building in Ireland

25 november 2010

Martello Towers (or simply Martellos) are small defensive forts, which were built in several countries in the British Empire during the 19th century.

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