Pure induct

For the best and cleanest ventilation air!
It will be clear that air pollution is a problem that we all have to deal with. Air pollution comes in various shapes and sizes. One of those is fine dust. Anywhere in the world where there is traffic or industry, fine dust is released. It is even in the countryside air. Fine dust consists of the very smallest particles that differ in size, origin and composition. Research shows that breathing in fine dust is harmful to health. The smaller the particles, the further they penetrate the body. With the Pure induct, Brink offers a solution that keeps these tiny particles out while your home is fully ventilated with the best and cleanest air possible.

Excellently filtered air
The Pure induct is a modular addition to the central balanced heat recovery ventilation system (HRV). The module is placed in the duct that transports fresh air from the HRV unit to the home. The standard HRV unit filters (ISO coarse filters; G4 filters) filter the first pollutants from the fresh outdoor air. An optional ISO ePM1 filter (F7 filter) has a higher efficiency and already captures more of the smallest particles such as fine dust, fungi, spores and pollen. The Pure induct is the most efficient filter. It removes almost all ultra-fine dust particles, smog, soot particles, bacteria and viruses. This leaves the indoor air optimally purified and, consequently, as clean and healthy as possible.

Ultra-fine dust
Fine dust particles enter the body by breathing. The smaller they are, the farther they penetrate. When inhaling, the nose blocks the larger dust particles. Fine, small particles may end up in the trachea, lungs or even in the bloodstream. That makes it important for your health to prevent these ultra-fine dust particles from entering your body and to keep them out of your home.

For measurements results, please download the TÜV NORD Certificate here.

The Pure induct uses ionisation. The ionisation process ensures that all particles in the air are charged statically. The specially conditioned, statically charged filter in the Pure induct then captures these particles. This way, all contaminants disappear from the air and purified, healthy air enters the home.
Note: the high effectiveness is only guaranteed when a genuine Brink filter is used.

The advantages of the Pure induct
•    The cleanest air for a longer life
•    Filters the smallest fine dust particles
•    Fully automatic operation
•    More effective than a HEPA filter
•    Excellent and low-energy ventilation
•    With heat recovery ventilation (HRV)

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