Optimum relative humidity is an important factor for a comfortable indoor climate. Brink Climate Systems prevents the indoor air from becoming too dry with the aid of the Evap. If the relative humidity drops below 40 percent, the occupant may experience physical discomfort such as dry lips and eyes and sometimes even itching skin. During colder periods, the Evap brings the relative humidity in the home to a comfortable level.
Residential consumer
Practice shows that controlling the relative humidity in homes is tricky. Many solutions on the market are expensive and they do not always deliver what the manufacturer promises. Brink now states that with the Evap it offers a system module that performs and that is affordable for the average residential consumer.
According to Brink, the Evap will prevent all humidity-related discomforts. The system module is mounted downstream of the ventilation appliance, in the duct that carries the fresh ventilation air into the home. The Evap is connected to both the water mains and the sewer system. The latter is necessary because of the bacterial filters in the module that ensure that no bacteria from the water mains end up in the air. These filters are regularly washed automatically and, in addition, they must be replaced once a year. The backwash goes straight into the sewer. A check valve prevents water from the appliance flowing into the mains network. After installation, the appliance works completely automatically to ensure a comfortable indoor environment.

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