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Authenticity, a thing of the past?

Increasingly, we are getting accustomed to receiving immediate feedback these days. We eat in a restaurant and have left a review even before we get home. We order a washing machine and before the first laundry is clean, the seller has been evaluated. This changes the way we think and act in my opinion. Before we enter a restaurant, we check the reviews, before we order something, we check the seller............... Feedback is faster and more direct, with all its consequences of course. In the Balkans, hosts of people are writing fake reviews, where has authenticity gone and how do we recognise it?


How satisfied are our customers really?

This kind of direct feedback is not yet commonplace in our industry. Whether we like it or not, it is a fact. That makes it more difficult for us to find out how happy our customers are. Of course, our account managers discuss this and, obviously, I ask about it when I meet customers. Sometimes I receive a call from a customer who wants to share a very good or, in some cases, bad experience, but that is only occasionally. It is not a measure of our organisation's performance. Therefore, emanating authenticity is major issue for us.

market approach

market approach

By now, the ISH is long behind us and we extensively communicated our new market approach, which received much positive and laudatory response. That is very pleasant of course and it makes me even more certain that we are on the right track. And even more importantly, I observed some slightly jealous glances from industry peers at what we presented at the ISH. You could easily conclude that we can sit back and relax and that things are going well. That is not me and it is not in line with our continuous improvement approach that is leading at Brink. Of course, this raises the question: “actually, what is the right track?” And, equally important, how do you determine that? How to avoid the trap of the desired and politically correct answers.

How much more authenticity can you achieve? And how do you get there?

This question is not so easy to answer. Of course, we carry out customer satisfaction surveys, but even then, it is not so easy to filter out the everyday humdrum from the answers. We test internally and at customers and other stakeholders what they think of our increasingly customer-oriented approach. We test that our strategy is implemented and is also reflected in our market approach. All very nice, but still it smells like allowing the fox to guard the chickens.

Of course, there never is only one way to test the approach, but what I consider near to the ultimate test, is that the customer wants to identify with us. How much more authenticity can you achieve? And how do you get there? What I thought a good idea was to present customer testimonials not only as typed internet message but recorded in images to emphasise the authenticity. If the customer is so open about giving his or her opinion about us and identifying with us, it must be an authentic experience.


i am extremely proud

We have of course many kinds of customers, installers, wholesalers, OEM customers and of course the end user. Would we be able to persuade customers to make time for us and produce such a customer testimonial?

I am extremely proud that I can now announce here that we succeeded in convincing our customers of the above and I love the final result. Proud as a peacock I watched the first version and thought to myself: ‘Yes Anton, we are on the right track’. I hope that also clearly appears from the video below. This is what Brink stands for, making our customers flourish in life by providing them with the most excellent air possible.

Enjoy the video and keep following us, for we have only just begun.

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testimonial zandvoort

Testimonial Zandvoort: 'Of course I wanted the best for my mom, that is why I opted for a combination of heating and ventilation in one system in which you do not even notice that the system is running'. Anouk Vermeulen, AG Architecten.

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