Pick your battles!

Door: Koen Oldenburger
When starting to work for Brink Climate Systems last September personally I did not realise how many different types of ventilation there are and what they are used for. Now I do know and see the great value of it in the daily lives of our customers. Ventilation is key in a healthy indoor climate, is this something you are aware of?

Ventilation, what’s the fuss all about?
Writing to you, all my LinkedIn connections, I realize that ventilation is not something that crosses your mind on a daily basis. Nevertheless I am sure that when you live in a modern home you do have a mechanical ventilation unit in your home which runs 24/7 to make sure the indoor climate of your home is looked after. If you are lucky, you have a Brink unit. This means that you are using the indoor warm air to warm up the cold outdoor air (or vice versa) with a reduced energy bill as a result, great!

When living in an apartment building in the city of Leeuwarden as a student I encountered moulds in my shower. I then found out that proper ventilation was the solution to get rid of them. Now I see that proper ventilation is not only the preservation of your home, but also a prerequisite for a healthy living space. The tighter we build, the more important ventilation becomes since there is hardly no air leakage through doors nor window frames.

Pick your battles? Where’s the fight?
In a way, the world is full of opportunity for Brink. We provide the best air possible to our customers, day in, day out. Who would not want this? Is then every human being a potential prospect for us? Yes they are.

The fact is that we materialize our dream with our product range, these products all have a product-market fit. In my job as Junior Export Manager at Brink I choose my battles. As a team we assess the marketplace, see opportunity, we know what we are good at and combine that to set the export strategy. We see a large variety of ventilation solutions used abroad and overseas and we make an educated guess of where the ventilation-market will go to in the upcoming years. When we are convinced the market is ready for our product, we choose to enter it..

Choosing to pick our battles at Export means that we do what we believe is the right thing to do. We accept entering a market doesn’t lead to overnight success, but when we enter we are confident the market will fly within five years. This way we use our limited resources in the most efficient and effective way.

For more inspiration regarding our new approach please watch our new brand movie.

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