Opportunities to make a difference

Door: Koen Oldenburger
Breathe Excellence means we want our customers to flourish in life by providing them with the most excellent air possible, day in day out. We see that our customers appreciate our products and that we are able to deliver service. On top of our product specifications and the esthetics of our products the breathe excellence philosophy means that we integrate excellence in the way we look after our customers and potential customers as well. Hospitality is something we take seriously because it contributes to our ambition.


Paying attention to details
We prepare visits well by making a time schedule, pay attention to details (diet wishes, transportation schedules, hotel reservations), we are flexible in unforeseen circumstances. Besides that we make sure that all parties involved in a visit are informed accurately to ensure a smooth visit. We also want to ensure that the program of the visit is tailor-made to the visitor instead of a one size fits all program. It is not rocket-science, but all small things add up and make a big difference.

Stay humble
This does not mean that we host our guests in 5-star hotels and guests fly around first class all around the world. It means that our customers know where to go with their questions and know what to expect from a visit.

Listen to feedback
Last year we had our annual Brink-Partner meeting where we hosted our Brink-Partners for trainings, workshops and several teambuilding activities in Northern part of The Netherlands. We find it important that we do not do things because we have always done it that way. Because of that we choose to do these activities in a more individual way. Some Brink-partners choose to come with their own customers. In that way we enabled our partner to build up a professional relationship with their customers. If we receive feedback from our Partners that this meeting was lacking in 2019, we will reconsider the possibilities for next year.

Hospitality is serious business at Brink Climate Systems
I believe genuine hospitality is a must in sustainable partnerships, so does Brink. We are helping our customers and partners to flourish in life, providing excellent hospitality is another way of making this happen.

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