Brink Design Valves

NEW! - Brink Design Valves
Excellent air and design in your home? Our new Brink Design Valves make it happen!

These valves not only allow adjustable air supply and exhaust; they also look wonderful and installing or cleaning them is easy as can be.

The sophisticated design ensures that the air is evenly distributed. You will experience comfortable ventilation without draughts, and dark rings on walls or ceilings are a thing of the past.

Why the Brink Design Valve?
  • timeless design, colour: white RAL 9016
  • round or square
  • for wall or ceiling
  • straightforward installation and cleaning
  • Coanda effect prevents draughts
  • fits all central ventilation systems
  • adjustable air quantity (9 positions)
  • low energy consumption and sound, thanks to low pressure drop

Because of country-specific rules and regulations, version and availability of a product may differ for each country. Therefore, please contact our office or partner in your country for more information.