Central ventilation

Make room for fresh air, live and work healthier

Brink ventilation systems contribute to a healthy, comfortable living environment. The fresh air supply and the foul air exhaust are always balanced. The air flows do not mix, they remain separate. You prevent fungi, damp spots, unwanted odours and health complaints such as allergies, respiratory irritation and headache. You not only live and work healthier, but your environment is more pleasant as well. 

Benefits central ventilation
  • Relying on fresh air 24/7
  • Less moisture in the home, prevents fungus growth
  • Improved performance and power to concentrate
  • Beneficial effect on allergies and respiratory irritation
  • Minimum energy consumption, maximum energy savings
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions



The products of the Renovent series Excellent and Sky can bring all this to your home. 

Flair 325/400

More efficient, quieter and lower-energy appliance 

Multi Air Supply System

Brings excellent air in every home (new and existing) through HRV, even without supply channels.
Air 70

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